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Offers for projectors in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar (KSA).

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749 SAR
Mobile Cinema, 20 Lumen LED, up to 75" Projection, Built in DVD, USB,SD, MMC and Stereo Sound.
Views: 577

513 Aiptek Pocket Cinema V50 - Pico Projector
1399 SAR
Pocket Cinema V50, DLP Projector, 50 Lumens, RGB LED, 100% Offset, Image Size 216cm(85), Contrast Ratio 1000:1, Support HD Video File, PPT/PDF Reader, External Memory up to 32GB, USB Port, Rechargable Battery, Black
Views: 1169

514 Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25 - USB Notebook Projector
899 SAR
Pocket Cinema T25, PC/NB Projector, 25 Lumens, RGB LED, USB Projection, Image Size 185.4cm(73), Palm Size Design, Black
Views: 496

515 Aiptek PocketCinema T30 Projector for iPhone & iPod
799 SAR
Aiptek Pocket Cinema T30 video projector, 15 Lumens, RGB LED, Image Size 165cm(65inch), Bundle iphone&iPod Cable, Built-in Battery, 3-in-1 AV jack, Silver
Views: 513

516 Aiptek PocketCinema Z20 LED Projector with HD Camcorder
1399 SAR
Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 Pro, HD DV Projector, 15 Lumens, 2.4 LCD, RGB LED, 2GB internal, 165cm(65) Image Size, Music Player, Remote Control, External Memory up to 32GB, USB Port, AV Connection, HDMI, Built-in Battery, Black
Views: 526

682 Aiptek MobileCinema i20 Pico Projector
699 SAR
i-Phone Power Bank Projector,Made for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 15 Lumens, Bundle Apps for photo/video sharing, web browser and live view RGB LED, q1080p high resolution, 100% Offset, Image Size 50, Build in 950 mAh Battery, Black. Warranty 1 year.
Views: 2191

683 Aiptek Pocketcinema V100 Projector
1799 SAR
DLP Projector, 100 Lumens, RGB LED, 100% Offset, Image Size 280cm(100), Contrast Ratio 1000:1, Support FHD 1080P Video File, Projection Distance 50cm ~ 300cm, Built In Memory 2G, External Memory up to 32GB, HDMI port for PC/Notebook, USB Port, Rechargable Battery, Black. Warranty 1 year.
Views: 396

691 Aiptek D20 MobileCinema DVD projector
799 SAR
Mobile Cinema D20, DVD Projector, 20 Lumens, RGB LED, Image Size 215cm(75), Stereo System, CD/Radio/DVD player. Warranty 1 year.
Views: 466